Naomi Torres-Ortiz | Lowell, Ma

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Hello! I am so happy you found me! Thank you for visiting my universe! I am Naomi, an artist based out of Massachusetts.

I grew up watching my father create beautiful hand carved frames for people's photos (back when we printed our memories). Watching him I knew I would always keep art as a part of my life.  I spent some time working towards my goal of becoming an art teacher, while struggling to decide if that's what I really wanted.

In 2018 I decided to really go out of my comfort zone! I submitted my art to an art gallery to be displayed in their upcoming show, and in that same year proposed a design for a sculpture to be displayed at a local festival in Lowell, Ma. Designing and building that sculpture turned into a family project, and it was so much fun to do together! My father, my brother and my mother all helped to make my dream a reality. And they still do! And in both art pieces, while wildly different there was a story trying to be told. That reminds me of when I was younger, and my mother asked, "what is this painting about"? At the time I told her I did not know. And she told me, no matter how simple, my art should have a story that can be read and understood. I took that to heart, and my goal is to tell mutual, varied stories. It brings me the most joy when I hear people talk about all the ways they read my work. 

I truly believe that our closest connection is our ability to share and tell stories. I want us to see our own truths, our own experiences, reflected back the same way flowers reflect stars: surprising and obvious. My passion is using my curiosity and the love I have for our world to create art that is powerful and calls to our own interlaced universe.

The universe is wide and always expanding. We can't always know or be prepared for what happens. I hope we can greet each other like passing comets; with awe and well wishes. I invite you to swim through the possibilities like a jellyfish and see where you end up.