Festivals and Events

MeetBostonUSA Rebranding Launch

Partnered with Michael Talbot and Gary Chen to create live art for MeetBostonUSA's rebranding launch in NYC. I worked primarily on the natural side of the 2 part painting.

Points of Light Festival

Trash Jellyfish Sculpture display for Lowell's Points of Light Festival, in partnership with the Cultural Organization of Lowell.

This sculpture was also on display during Lowell's Celebration of the lighting of the John E. Cox Memorial Bridge.

Graphic Design

Project Márohu.pdf

Project Márohu

A personal project between myself and co-producer Alexis Moisand. The design was based on taking an experimental view on virtual theater and larp and gaming. Our goal was to rethink connection during the pandemic. Our goal was inspired from moments in our own lives, which allowed us to create a meaningful, impactful story that those like us can resonate with.